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Why Blog? Should I Start a Blog? 34 Reasons You Should


Every day, around 172,800 online journals are made. That is two web journals consistently. With such a variety of web journals springing up every day, you may ponder, “Would it be advisable for me to begin a blog?”

Indeed, I think yes!

In my short life, I’ve taken up and dropped a ton of jobs and diversions.

I’ve done telephone building and repair. I’ve dedicated years to playing football. I’ve been engrossed with computer games. I’ve tried different things with drawing and painting. I’ve occupied with debatable court hone. I’ve even played with shoe making and different artworks.

Yet, none of them has shaped my individual, given me as much flexibility and satisfaction, and brought me impact and budgetary solidness as blogging.

I’m such a major aficionado of blogging. Here are 34 convincing motivations to begin a blog.

1. It helps you learn new things

Blogging is about sharing what you see, or need to see, on the planet. It’s about educating or sharing what you know and what you, as well, are learning. When you begin a blog, you’ll get yourself continually adapting new things about your regions of intrigue so you can continue sharing without running dry of thoughts.

Consider it along these lines: when you set out to wash garments, your goal is to clean the garments, not your hands, but rather it’s your hands which turn out to be perfect first.

2. It makes you think clearer

The capacity to think plainly and create thoughts is one of life’s most basic aptitudes, yet something you don’t get instructed in school. Blogging fills that void, helping you develop your reasoning muscles exponentially.

You’ll figure out how to ponder profoundly your life, your connections and your general public; draw in with others mentally, value the qualities in contentions and call attention to the imperfections in them; value the small refinements between what, why and how; the nexus and uniqueness amongst reasons and defenses, etc.

3. It helps you compose better

Numerous things have helped my written work capability throughout the years: article challenges, tapping from guides, perusing books, and so forth. Be that as it may, none of them has tested me so reliably as blogging.

Here’s the reason: composing authority accompanies consistent practice and blogging is just about that. In his epic book, On Writing, Stephen King talks about how once he didn’t compose for a little while because of a mishap, and how when he began to compose once more, his words weren’t streaming great.

That is the way irregularity debilitates your composition muscle, and that is the reason blogging, which keeps you composing frequently, helps you compose better.

4. It assembles your certainty

I used to be a tentative contemplative person. Until I began blogging.

Blogging helps you figure out how to voice your conclusions, set out to not be right and quit being so terrified to commit errors. With blogging, you figure out how to perceive and assemble your quality, and furthermore concede and enhance your shortcomings. With discussions occurring on your blog, you figure out how to hear blandishment without being diverted and take reactions without losing your cool.

5. It helps you talk all the more soundly

An extraordinary discourse begins with a sound script. The more you learn and share thoughts regarding your regions of premiums on your blog, the more agreeable you get talking about them verbally.

Also, after some time, you develop certainty to confront a group of people and deal with your anxiety regarding your matters of intrigue. Before long, this diffuses to other verbal discussions.

6. It can profit

Winning not too bad wages from your blog is feasible once you make an incentive with, and grow a crowd of people around, it. Numerous enormous websites make a huge number of dollars consistently.

Furthermore, me? I’m not a tycoon but rather I’ve made a huge number of dollars from blogging throughout the years. Furthermore, I’ve done that while having plentiful time for my family and different engagements I appreciate.

7. It can help you help great purposes

Whether it’s conveying drinkable water to more individuals, supporting the instruction of vagrants or building schools for poor groups, blogging can help you loan some assistance to incredible causes you trust in.

At the point when a few bloggers dispatch an online course for example, they promise a rate of the salary to a philanthropy. Jeff Goins gives 10% of offers from his course, Tribe Writers, to philanthropy. As of late, Pat Flynn raised $26,251 from his blog perusers in 24 nations, and added $25,000 to it himself, to manufacture 2 schools in Ghana, in festivity of his 32nd birthday.

8. It requires no earlier information

With my well ordered guide, you can have your blog up and running in only 15 minutes. You needn’t bother with learning of HTML or other specialized stuff. Everything you do is snap alternatives you need and spare it to see the outcomes.

I’ve helped many individuals who had no earlier information on making a blog do that as of now. In this way, anybody can now begin a blog since it’s super simple.

9. It provokes you

Let’s be realistic, we as a whole need to accomplish something testing at a few focuses in life. It’s anything but difficult to slide into our usual ranges of familiarity and quit developing. Not with blogging however!

Albeit beginning a blog is simple, overseeing it is most certainly not. Concocting fascinating thoughts, interfacing with perusers and building a group around the blog are wonderful difficulties that would constrain you to continue learning and developing.

10. It is free (or moderate)

Anybody can begin a blog for nothing. What’s more, in the event that you need more opportunity with your blog, you can self-have, which is moderate for nearly anybody.

What you’ll pay for a facilitating bundle and an area name is not as much as a motion picture ticket. With under $75, you can begin and have your blog running in 15 minutes.

11. It helps you manufacture a group of people

Individuals are pulled in towards things and spots they get an incentive from. When you begin a blog, you can begin making worth and building a group of people.

By the principal half of 2012, I had won 5 composing challenges. Thus, companions began requesting that I show them how to compose, and enlighten them regarding composing challenges they, as well, could enter. I would disclose similar things to various people at various circumstances, every day.

The request got to be distinctly overpowering thus I considered transforming the issue into a prospect. That is the reason I began my first blog, and the esteem I’ve made throughout the years has helped me manufacture a group of people of more than 50,000 month to month perusers.

12. It gives you a chance to help other individuals

You need to rouse youngsters to find and investigate their actual possibilities? Begin a blog. You need to spread the temperances of your confidence? Begin a blog. You wish individuals would settle on better decisions seeing someone and need to help them accomplish that? Begin a blog.

It’s going on. Common individuals wherever are picking themselves to do remarkable things in other individuals’ lives through a blog. You can do it as well, and now’s the best time ever to begin.

13. It can help you impact open arrangement

Here’s a story you’ll adore about how two young ladies, matured 9 and 13, and separately in Scotland and Brazil, began their individual sites to uncover poor learning conditions in their schools. The primary blog (which roused the second) pulled in just about 8 million perusers in four months, while the second pulled in more than 200,000 perusers in under four weeks.

Expectedly, nearby specialists paid heed and quickly enhanced the schools’ conditions. The primary blog even proceeded to raise £114,000 to nourish school youngsters in Malawi. How moving!

Whatever your age, you, as well, can do as such.

14. It disciplines you

Appearing at general interims is hard. Blogging helps you develop that train.

By and by, I’m lethargic at interfacing with individuals and keeping plans. Be that as it may, with my blog, I have a motivation to appear, to compose and distribute regularly, to take care of business and shun pardons. I’m appreciative for it since it’s improved me a me.

15. It helps you fabricate believability

Declarations are quick losing their remaining as the satisfactory approach to demonstrate you have abilities or learning regarding a matter. Whether you’re a vocation searcher, a business person looking for financial specialists, a NGO agent looking for associations, or an expert looking for customers, beginning and running a blog is the most ideal approach to assemble validity.

By consistently sharing accommodating data about a subject, and transparently sharing bits about your life, your battles and glories, you fabricate trust and position yourself as a specialist, and achieving your different objectives turns out to be much simpler.

16. It helps you get distributed

In case regardless you’re sitting tight for a distributer to come pick you – who have no perusers yet – you may hold up till… until the end of time. The exit plan? Pick yourself. The most straightforward approach to get distributed today is to first get a blog and manufacture a devoted readership.

Theresa Ragan was dismisses by conventional distributers more than 100 circumstances spreading over 19 years. At that point she got brilliant and independently published, and inside a year, she sold more than 300,000 books!

She’s not the only one. From Hugh Howey to James Altucher, today’s most astute creators are flattening the section boundary set by customary distributers and independently publishing their approaches to blockbusters, because of their blog group of onlookers.

17. It can arrive you talking engagements

Your blog opens you up to a universe of chances, including talking engagements. The inclination is stunning. I know this since it’s transpired. I’ve been welcome to talk at occasions and keynote at meetings, on account of considerations I’ve shared on my blog.

James Altucher in his astounding book, Choose Yourself, talks about how he landed well more than 100 talking engagements in 9 years on account of his blog and books. He made over $1 million from the talking engagements and affected a huge number of lives.

18. It can make them counsel bargains

Because of his blog, Neil Patel has landed delicious counseling manages organizations like Amazon, Microsoft, Yahoo!, Ebay, NBC, GM, HP, TechCrunch and Viacom. He’s been paid as high as $5,000 every hour for a portion of the counseling bargains.

In the event that there’s a subject you know much about, you ought to begin a blog about it and it can arrive you counseling bargains. On the off chance that you think you don’t know enough about anything to be a specialist at it, don’t stress. Simply begin a blog about a subject you adore and you’ll learn much it and turn into a specialist at it soon.

With the counseling gives, you can profit for yourself and help your customers achieve their objectives. Everyone wins.

19. It can get you independent composition gigs

Tune Tice is a Seattle-based independent essayist murdering it. With the assistance of her blog, she’s fabricated a flourishing independent written work vocation that makes 6 figures yearly, while showing others and having quality time for her family. On the off chance that you adore composing, begin a blog in light of the fact that there’s no preferred feeling over getting paid doing what you would happily accomplish for nothing.

Also, before you think this is just conceivable in the U.S., meet Bamidele Onibalusi, a Nigerian, occupant in Nigeria, and making a large number of dollars month to month from independent composition. There are countless other such scholars.

20. It can advance your specialty or leisure activity

We as a whole have things that make us tick. Whether yours is composing, dab making, drawing, painting or singing, a blog can help you advance it.

Enter Hugh MacLeod who draws on the backs of business cards, and ordinary on his blog, he posts one drawing. Because of that, he’s enlivened countless craftsmen and helped them experience their fantasies without going hungry.

This motivating piece by Leanne Regalla gives a top to bottom examination of how 49 imaginative individuals utilize blogging to advance their craft.

21. It hones your perception

Blogging moves you to look past the self-evident, to make inquiries where every other person just gestures, and to set existing conditions on its head. The more you blog, the better you see and acknowledge small points of interest others underestimate. This means a superior memory and enhanced execution in other stuff you do.

For example, I’ve had superb evaluations in my scholarly works without wearing out, and I can sincerely ascribe this accomplishment to my now sharp perception aptitudes, on account of blogging.

22. It helps you remain in contact with far off loved ones

A standout amongst the most vital concerns everybody ought to have in life are his family and companions… Family individuals who love and care. What’s more, genuine companions constantly prepared to help and bolster your fantasies.

Yet, in some cases, dear individuals aren’t close. At the point when the experiences and difficulties of life come calling, we get too far, excessively occupied or excessively diverted and overlook these critical individuals in our lives.

Having a blog where you archive your life enterprises, thoughts and battles (and perhaps get remarks) is an awesome approach to remain associated with family and companions who may be a large number of kilometers away.

23. It propels your resume

Seth Godin contends that “in case you’re surprising, astonishing or out and out breathtaking, you most likely shouldn’t have a resume by any stretch of the imagination.” He says a modern venture, or an adroit blog can offer you superior to a resume.

You may not concur with Seth on not having a resume by any means, but rather a blog can doubtlessly make your resume emerge from the pack. Don’t hesitate to see this rousing story of a blogger whose blog made a business come chasing for her and give her work she’s exceptionally amped up for.

24. It helps your disconnected business

As per a recent report by the Kelsey Group, 97% of all purchasers utilize online media to shop locally. Likewise, another online review directed by Intelius demonstrates that 78% of customers think of it as critical to look into data about organizations online before choosing to connect with them.

The conclusion is this: web journals help to impact clients’ purchasing choices and if your business doesn’t exploit this, your opposition will.

25. It helps your innovativeness

Blogging pushes you to be ingenious, to imagine and attempt to make the lovely things you need to find on the planet. You envision better, make thoughts that test standards and impart your virtuoso to others.

That is the manner by which to end up distinctly a thought machine. What’s more, you can proceed to give the world something fundamental it doesn’t have any acquaintance with it needs.

26. It helps you settle on better decisions

Numerous things occur in your life, connections and environment consistently. You read, see, feel and hear numerous things consistently. You won’t have the capacity to blog about them all. That implies you’ll build up an eye for significant things.

By specifically blogging on just the most vital things to you and your blog perusers, you’ll enhance your channel, and turn out to be more gifted at settling on better decisions throughout your life.

27. It makes you cheerful

Actually, I’ve found that the sentiment having roused, helped or spared somebody is the thing that gives me the best bliss. I’ve heard numerous other individuals say a similar thing.

Furthermore, since I’ve grasped blogging, it has helped me turn out to be more liberal with my insight. There’s an astounding joy I feel with each positive remark, email, tweet and Facebook share I get from perusers whose universes my words have affected.

It’s an awesome feeling and cash can’t get it.

28. It gives you flexibility

Blogging can give you the flexibility to work from anyplace, whenever of the day and on things you really appreciate doing. It can give you the flexibility to at last have sufficient time for your family and your side interests.

Furthermore, it can manage the cost of you the flexibility to venture to the far corners of the planet however you see fit bringing home the bacon from your blog.

29. It helps you obtain important new abilities

When I began blogging, I didn’t know a thing about space names, facilitating servers, HTML, online networking, external link establishment, SEO, blog outline, and so on. Presently I do.

With your blog, you intuitively begin finding out about these stuff and that’s just the beginning. Inside a brief span, you’ll have amassed a huge amount of significant new abilities that you’ll be glad for. These abilities alone can make you a huge number of dollars. I know it since that has been the situation for me.

30. It facilitates your own issues

Everybody has issues. Whether it’s your wellbeing, family or funds you have challenges with, blogging can be a road to get listening ears and perhaps look for help for your own issues. What’s more, isn’t an issue shared split?

An awesome case is Alice’s Bucket List, a blog began by 17-year-old Alice who has disease. She shares her fantasies, her experience of growth and the things she’ll get a kick out of the chance to finish before she passes away.

Not exclusively does she colossally move her perusers, she likewise gets support and consolation from them, which I trust she truly needs.

31. It permits you record your life

With a blog, you can recount your stories in type of an online journal. Also, in the event that you don’t recount your stories, nobody else will. What’s more, in the event that they do, they may be one-sided. On the other hand honestly off-base.

32. It makes you emerge

I accept just 1 percent of Internet clients deliver the substance on the web. The rest of the 99 percent? They simply devour. They’re quite recently spectators looking as mankind advances and history unfurls.

Don’t simply devour, or you may expend anything. Likewise create profitable substance. By blogging, you emerge from the pack of substance purchasers who live on others’ thoughts online without contributing theirs.

33. It constructs your system

Blogging helps you interface with and make companions with individuals from varying backgrounds. Because of blogging, I’ve come to make companions with individuals I respect… individuals every other person consider as “masters,” influencers and virtuosos.

Once more, I’ve met and made companions with numerous common individuals having remarkable effects. Large portions of them have helped me develop and perhaps maybe a couple of them have a few advantages from me. Furthermore, I’ve proceeded to meet numerous marvelous people who take me as coaches. That feels incredible.

34. It helps you live until the end of time

You’ve heard it before… that written work can make you live for a long time after your demise. In any case, that is genuine just on the off chance that you distribute your words to the world. You won’t live for long after your demise on the off chance that you don’t compose by any stretch of the imagination, or, in the event that you just compose and record it.

A blog can help you assemble a legacy that would outlast you.

Go start something awesome

If one or more of these reasons resonate with you, it’s time to start your own blog.

I leave you with the words of Oprah Winfrey:

Do the one thing you think you cannot do. Fail at it. Try again. Do better the second time. The only people who never tumble are those who never mount the high wire. This is your moment. Own it.

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